Launched in 1966, the Corolla has been one of the best-selling cars across the globe. In its 12th generation now, the Corolla continues Toyota’s tradition of redefining benchmarks and setting new records. 

Synonymous with reliability and practicality, this Japanese sedan has been Afghanistan’s favourite car for decades. Most of the taxis here are Corollas. In fact, you would find all generations of Corollas in Afghanistan!

The reasons for the ubiquity of Corolla are simple:

  • Affordability – In spite of high import taxes levied on foreign cars, the Toyota Corolla is still cheaper than most other cars. Both old and new models continue to be in demand in Afghanistan.

  • Practicality – One of the most comfortable cars in its class, the Corolla is known for quality, sturdiness and functionality. With a spacious cabin and a big boot space, it is a perfect family car. The newer models come with added security features for a safer drive.

  • Reliability – Toyota is well-known for its reliability, and is known to build cars of the highest quality standards, that last long – really long. 

  • Fuel Economy – The Corolla’s efficient engine offers unmatched performance and fuel economy. With low maintenance and running costs, it emerged as the clear winner in the long run.

  • Availability of spare parts – As the majority of the cars on Afghan roads are Toyota Corollas, spare parts are easily obtained. Both new and used spares are available in the market. 


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